Live well, in South East Asia

helping you take care of the practicalities, so you can kick-back and soak-in the adventure!

Helping you turn your house and city in S.E.A., into home.

Because we know what it’s like to wake up one day on foreign turf, where everyone around you is speaking a different language, none of the products in the grocery store/market look familiar/identifiable, and most importantly, you can’t seem to figure out why your air-conditioner isn’t getting cold (now that it’s April)!   At Baan Savvy we are about getting you in the know, and FAST.  From our directories of mobile service providers (so far, for Chiang Mai) and local stores/sources, to our recipes, tutorials and ingredients list (in Thai and English with clear photo identification), that will get your maebaan (house-helper/maid) cooking the well-loved western staples regardless of her experience level, to information on how to find a great domestic helper, (and why you might actually benefit from a domestic helper after-all).

Mom.  Teacher.  Cook.  Chauffeur.  Housekeeper.  Bookkeeper. Structural engineer (Lego & impromptu linen forts).  Interior re-designer (of otherwise less-than-ideally-designed-for-comfort- spaces).  Businesswoman.  I’ve worn all the hats, and juggled all the roles; like many of you. IT IS A LOT!  Especially when your goal is to do it in a cross-cultural setting, and to still do it WELL!  That’s why, at Baan Savvy, we are passionate about helping you navigate a life in S.E.A., and to helping you conquer, starting with the seemingly small, every-day practicalities.


Birth of Baan Savvy

Founded by a woman who landed in S.E.A. to do business, pre-google, and whos first encounter with that fateful, ever-so-unexpectedly-live thanksgiving turkey, inspired all this.

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