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Services we’ve tested:

Rug cleaning


Services Offered:
  • "deep cleans" for buildings/homes (post construction & pre/post move)

  • rug/carpet cleaning (home and vehicle)

  • Window cleaning (multiple-story buildings)

  • pest control

  • Painting for residential/commercial

  • Curtain washing/ironing service

  • Silicon replacement for windows (old buildings)


Hang Dong, but provides service throughout the city and province

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What we liked:

They came to us and picked the rug up, explained their cleaning method, and told me to expect it to be returned in 3-5 days (it was), and for a reasonable price! (500 each per standard 2 x 1.5 meters-their starting price) They did a great job.

*As of 2018, many mobile service providers are currently charging between 300-500 baht for their transportation fee within Chiang Mai city, BEFORE charging for the actual cost of servicing/parts/etc. Which makes the above service fee very reasonable in our opinion.


-pick up and return service for rugs and curtains throughout Chiang Mai and out of province too!
-Unfortunately, this provider does not speak English.
Main Contact: Khun Aye (pronounced Oye)/อ้อย

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