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Insurance contracts on multiple vehicles over 7+ years

As with any insurance provider, the company you choose is only as good as their ability to pay up or their likelihood to actually do so when a claim is made.

LMG was strongly recommended to me years ago by the second-hand vehicle dealer who sold me my car (he also comes highly recommended himself). What I was told was that LMG is a company that can be counted on to pay out on claims, which we learned the hard way, isn’t always true. We’ve now purchased our insurance for multiple vehicles through LMG and were happy to discover that indeed, they did pay out quickly and happily when I needed to make a claim! 

Services Offered:
  • Auto insurance, life insurance, property insurance

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What we liked:

reliable track-record for payment on claims

professional representation

fast reponse to accident sites


LMG- A Liberty Mutal Company

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