street view of chiang mai bakermart
street view of chiang mai baker mart equipment building
inside view of Bakersmart Chiang Mai
Community Status:

One of two of the most popular bakery supply stores in the city.

Services we’ve tested:

We purchase a wide selection of baking products from this supplier on a regular basis.

Mon-Sat, 8 am- 6:30 pm
Closed Sunday

Chiang Mai Bakersmart is one of the best shops in Chiang Mai for all your baking needs.

The original cream-colored building supplies a wide range of baking ingredients, grocery items, kitchen utensils and implements (including a variety of paper and plastic bakery and drink packaging, as well as glass bottles), and small counter-top style appliances.

For a larger selection of kitchen and baking appliances for home and commercial use, see their equipment building next door.

Services Offered:
  • Baking (and some cooking) supplies/ingredients.

  • Small kitchen equipment and countertop appliances


SE Chiang Mai, off Mahidol Rd., near Plaza 89

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What we liked:

Not overwhelmingly large, but has an excellent and comprehensive selection of goods.

We prefer the whole wheat and grain selection here over any other baking store in the city.

Their butter selection! If you do a lot of baking, you may appreciate that they stock a DRASTICALLY less expensive brand of Thai brand fresh butter, and we are thrilled to report that it is an excellent quality!

A wider selection of dry herbs and seasonings in larger sizes.


Although Bakersmart does provide limited customer parking, due to its high popularity, the lot is often full. Thankfully the parking attendants are super helpful, and usually can direct you to an alternate spot, however, we recommend avoiding weekends or peak traffic times when possible.

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