street view of turquoise sign at pharmacy
view from inside counter at Chiang Mai University pharmacy on Suthep road
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Well established

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A wide variety of pharmaceuticals. Particularly harder to find foreign medicines.

Daily from 8:30 AM- 6 PM

This is THE BEST selection (hands down) of pharmaceuticals in the city. If you are unable to find a drug elsewhere, check here! And inasmuch as this is a university pharmacy, their head pharmacists are much more likely to be up on the more latest drugs and recommendations. If you have a question about a foreign brand of a particular drug, they can often tell you if it is available in Thailand, and if they can get it for you, or will suggest an appropriate Thai brand of the same or similar ingredients.

Services Offered:
  • Pharmacy

  • Contactable in English via FB Messenger!


West of the moat on Suthep road.

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What we liked:

You don't even have to physically go in, or struggle with language on a phone call to find out if they carry a particular drug. These guys respond fairly quickly (during business hours) to Facebook Messages in English, so you don't have to waste time going all the way there to make sure an item is available/in stock!

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