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Very well established in the community!

Services we’ve tested:

Woman's, men's, girl's, boy's haircuts; we've tested all of them all, along with highlights for women's hair.

$-Very economical, prices start at a mere 150 baht for boys haircut!
Main recommended stylist: Khun Duuen (Due-en)

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Services Offered:
  • Hair Salon


Hang Dong road, South of Inner Ring Rd intersection (and Makro) in muebaan Koolapunt 5

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What we liked:

It's not a splashy environment by any means, but what we did find was consistently great cuts, at a fantastic price! You absolutely must call in advance, and during busier seasons, they will often require scheduling a week in advance! Yes, we think it IS worth it!


The product they use for colors and highlights is an off-the-shelf, box-store variety, as opposed to a salon grade hair product. HOWEVER, the price has encouraged many a client to give it a try for highlights (I think the price was something like 500 baht for cut AND highlights). AND Khun Duaun has said that anyone is welcome to bring in their own salon quality product -available from many suppliers throughout the city for a very reasonable price, and especially from wholesalers in Warrarote market. We thought the quality of highlights was decent, but not spectacular, (on account of the product itself, and not the workmanship of Khun Duuan), but, if repeat service is any indication, we can tell you that we have done the highlights more than once!

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