Community Status:

Well known in the community for their quality second-hand vehicles, and high standard of business integrity

Services we’ve tested:

Vehicle sales
After-market accessories/seat covers

Services Offered:
  • Second-hand vehicle sales

  • After-sales servicing

  • After-market seat covers & accessories​


East Chiang Mai, on the superhighway, opposite Bangkok Hospital

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What we liked:

In terms of vehicle sales, these guys are top-notch and have built a solid reputation on integrity in the relatively short period of time since they opened for business. We loved that they actually care about selling you a vehicle that best suits your family's needs, as opposed to what will bring them the most profit. When Elijah first showed us a truck (that we purchased), he started out by pointing out to us every little flaw that it had. Inasmuch as we understood that the vehicle, although in great condition, wasn't brand new, we very much appreciated the "nothing hidden" approach; and two years on, the vehicle has proven to be a good purchase.

According to Expat Auto, their "vehicles undergo extensive 300 point inspection and prep process and are backed by a reliable, written, 12-month warranty."


No doubt about it, these guys are at the very top of our list of places to check first for a second-hand vehicle. We observed that internal communication in their after-sales servicing may be improved upon, but that relative to other shops that we've tested, and/or that we have community input on, our confidence in Expat Auto remains very high overall.

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