view of coconut seller stall at mae hia market
lady working in coconut shop at mae hia market
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Frequented by locals and expats alike

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Freshly grated coconut

6:30 am- 5 pm (but if you are wanting freshly grated coconut specifically, come before noon, or call and reserve, otherwise it is usually sold out!)

In addition to coconut cream or milk, this shop sells two grades of freshly grated coconut: black and white. “black” or “dam” (ดำ) just means that they haven’t bothered to remove the thinnest layer of skin from the coconut before grating. In Thai cooking, where boiling water is poured over grated coconut to extract the cream, it is an unnecessary step to remove the full skin. But for western baking, people tend to prefer the “white” coconut “khaow” (ขาว), with the skin (for the most part) removed.

Need it pre-roasted? It can be purchased from Rimping in small quantities, but for much better value, you can buy it from Chiang Mai Baker’s Mart, or Yok.

มะพร้าว-coconut [prounounced: má-práow]
มะพร้าวขาว- white coconut [prounounced: má-práow-khaow]
มะพร้าวดำ- black coconut [prounounced: má-práow-dam]
กะทิ- coconut cream or milk [prounounced: gà-tèa]

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Services Offered:
  • Freshly grated coconut and coconut cream


Mae Hia Market

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What we liked:

One of the surprisingly few places in Chiang Mai to sell freshly grated coconut and coconut cream!

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