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hitachi water pump being installed
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Services we’ve tested:

Installation of water heater
Washing machine repair
Oven repair

10 AM-6pm

Water heater

  • service fee on install- 350 baht
  • repair service fee- 500 baht

Washing machine

  • repair service fee- 500 baht
  • deep clean top loader- 800 baht
  • deep clean front loader- 1000 baht
  • install

Air-conditioners  (installation and deep cleaning only of wall mount type units-no cassettes)

  • deep clean for wall unit and compressor- 500 baht
  • second unit deep cleans at 400 baht

Water heater/boiler

  • install- 350 baht
  • repair- 500 baht

Water pump

  • install- 600 baht (not including accessories)
  • repair fee- 500 baht

Oven and oven hoods etc. (see note)

  • Install and repairs

Mobile service charge (if no actual repair can be performed-e.g. parts are unavailable)- 350 baht


Services Offered:
  • Home appliance repairs and Installation (see list of appliance types)


Sansai (but mobile service is available citywide for a reasonable fee).

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What we liked:

This provider came when they said they would and did a good job of the washing machine repair and water heater installation. The oven was not immediately able to fix immediately due to a lack of spare parts on the part of Technogas (the oven manufacturer).

Reasonable fees


Main oven brands that are regularly serviced by this provider include


Please note that for Technogas, Smeg, and Mex (the latter are owned by the same company), this service provider recommends contacting either the retailer or manufacturer for service needs.

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