street view of mae hia fresh market
a market seller at mae hia market view of coconut seller stall at mae hia market
Community Status:

This is the main fresh market for this district, and is frequented by locals and expats alike.

Services we’ve tested:

Everything from fresh produce, to eggs, meat, and sundry goods.

Open daily (including public holidays)

To Note:

The lady in the close-up is a very popular seller in this market, as she is very friendly and outgoing, speaks some English, and has signs labeled “organic” among her produce. She is a favorite of ours as well, whom we regularly frequent, however, we feel we should mention that not all, or even most of her products fall under the category of what she terms organic. In actuality, none of these products are certified as organic, but those of her items that are generally accepted as “safer” in terms of the degree of chemicals applied, are those that are supplied by the Royal Project only. Generally, she is happy to point out these specific items when asked, “which are from the Royal Project?”

Royal Project: โครงการหลวง [prounounced: kroang-gan-loo-ung]

Another favorite of ours in this market is the coconut shop that is tucked away at the very back SE corner of the market. Surprisingly freshly grated coconut is not nearly as readily available as one might assume in the land of palm trees, so this shop is a must for our baking needs!  See link to the shop here.

Services Offered:
  • Grocery: Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, ready-to-eat Thai food to go, and various sundry goods.


At the intersection of Canal Rd. (121/Chonprathan) and the Inner Ring Rd. (Somphot 700 Pi)

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What we liked:

This is the place were "life happens". It's also the place where you are most likely to get the best and freshest selection of produce (for this district).

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