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maintenance on a clogged AC drain pipe that was causing leaking.

082 766 5178

Line ID 082 766 5178

Services Offered:
  • Air conditioning repair, big cleans, installation and sales, removal.

  • Repairs to water pumps, water heaters, washing machines etc.

  • Small electrical jobs



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What we liked:

This is a husband-wife team. Were impressed by how quickly these guys came. Mr. Aekasit speaks English well and was able to explain the problem with the piping, and the steps he took to fix it. We appreciated that he didn't come with a large crew of men to do a small job (as some of the companies do regardless of the size of job).


Big clean prices as of June 2018:
Standard wall type unit- 500 baht
Cassette type (ceiling)- 900 baht

Assessment/travel fee (if no actual repair/installation work is done-otherwise included in the price of repair/cleaning)- 200 baht

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