street view of nana bakery at kad farang shopping plaza
box of fresh bread
view of bakery display at Nana Bakery shop a view of the bakery display at Nana Bakery Nong How some of the artisan bread at Nana Bakery
Community Status:

This is a fairly new business and is slowly becoming known in the community.

Services we’ve tested:

We've tried several loaves of bread from the Kad Farang branch of this bakery including their very lovely Olive bread and Rye bread, and the croissants.


This small but quaint bakery serves up a delicious selection of baked goods, from fresh pastries and artisan bread ranging from rosemary bread and authentic baguettes to danishes and french croissants etc.

Services Offered:
  • Bakery goods


Kad Farang shopping plaza
Nong Hoi in Plaza 89
Chiang Kiang

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What we liked:

Their product was freshly baked and of a high quality. They didn't have a huge selection but I think this is because they (wisely) want to sell same-day goods only, and therefore when an item is sold out for the day, they aren't trying to refresh that stock. Their day olds were labeled as such and discounted. We have quickly become regular customers!

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