Street view of Suan Dok Ceramics outlet store
Services we’ve tested:

We've bought all sorts of plates, bowls etc. from this store over the years. Some of which, you will see in the recipe section of this site.

8:30am-5:30pm, Mon-Saturday (Closed Sunday)

Factory seconds and overstocks.  Check here for huge price savings before outfitting your home with high price department store dishes/crockery!

Services Offered:
  • Ceramic dishes/crockery outlet store


Hangdong road, near Tesco Lotus (Airport branch), directly opposite Mega furniture

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What we liked:

Great selection of dishes/bowls/crockery.


As with any outlet store, one never knows when they will be receiving a shipment of unique finds, and when they do, these tend to sell out really quickly. Some of our community member report popping in regularly to scan for special shipments.

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