5 kids posed at The Fox BB gun playing field
View of playing field at The Fox BB gun
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This is the go-to airsoft battlefield for Chiang Mai according to the kids;) Let us know if you've tried elsewhere!

Services we’ve tested:

Took a group of 10 year old boys, and they played for 5 hours straight before I had to pull the plug!

10am-6pm daily

Services Offered:
  • Airsoft game for kids and adults


East Chiang Mai, near Promenada Mall

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What we liked:

Great place for parents to chill (wifi yes) in their loft lounge area with a good view of the airsoft battlefield below. There was even a proper espresso machine on hand (although we didn't test it out) and a fridge for cold drinks.


Make sure kids wear jeans and long-sleeved sweaters and proper shoes for protection, even in the heat! Price included gear and a small bag of pellets (which was actually enough to last several hours-more for sale on location).

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