street view of vehicle inspection centre in Chiang May
example of vehicle safety inspection sign
Community Status:

CEP (Community Endorsed Provider)

Services we’ve tested:

Safety Inspections of multiple vehicles

Mon-Sat, 8am-5pm

Required annually for all motor vehicles:

  1. Vehicle safety inspection (must proceed road tax payment)
  2. Compulsory insurance
  3. Road tax

Services Offered:
  • Vehicle safety inspection

  • compulsory insurance brokerage

  • basic vehicle repairs (to enable your vehicle to pass inspection requirements)

  • Road tax processing service (free of charge for Safety Inspection customers)


South Chiang Mai, near Big-C Hang Dong

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What we liked:

Very efficient, professional, one-stop convenience.


-Your vehicle registration book (blue book)
-Motorbikes: 60 baht
-car or truck: 200 baht

Compulsory Insurance (absolute minimum coverage required annually for every vehicle) may be purchased here or from a separate provider based on your preference.  Ranges from 645 baht to 960 baht, depending on vehicle type and age etc.

You can choose to have them run your road tax for you; a free service for Safety Inspection customers; usually ready for pick-up in 1-2 days, but if you're close by to Motor Vehicle center, it's often faster to run your own, as the road tax office tends to be very efficiently run.
How much will you be required to pay? That depends on the engine size and year of your vehicle. If your vehicle isn't brand new, check your vehicle registration book "blue book". Look for the page that lists previous road tax payments to get an idea of what you will pay. Newer vehicles are charged at a higher rate; each year the fees will gradually be reduced until a minimum tax rate has been reached.

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