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The affordable employment of a maid (we prefer the term housekeeper, helper or maebaan as they are referred to in Thailand or Lao) is just one of the many great perks of life in Asia.  (Usually.  Ok, Often).  However, details such as who to hire, and (possibly more importantly) who not to hire, what questions to ask potential hires, how much to pay, and your legal requirements as an employer, can make all the difference between it being a perk or feeling a little more like…perdition.

A Scrumptious and nutritious meal  prepared & on the table when you walk in the door?  A house that feels more like a haven after a busy day? This is the rejuvenating power of a Baan Savvy trained housekeeper.  Personally, I refer to her as my Household Manager.

Reduce the risks to your family’s health, safety, property, and overall satisfaction by taking some basic recommended measures to promote a better outcome.

Day 1- Orientation

Getting your new maid off to a great start

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