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Whether you’re trying to find the right ingredients, or just figuring out what the local ingredients are, here you will find tried and true recipes that work with the ingredients you are able to find locally, and tips on making cooking more than “work” for you in a S.E. Asian kitchen.  Cooking/baking gets even easier with tutorials and western recipes in English and Thai designed for the your local housekeeper/cook or for you in your asian kitchen!  C’mon, this’ll be fun!

Before you say it, we’d love for you to just know that…we know!  Yup, we’ve mixed the heck out of our metric, with your imperial, like CRAZY throughout these recipes!  Why?  ‘Cause this site is dedicated firstly to facilitating the development of maebaans/housekeepers!  And in Thailand, with its super rapid development in general, the meat you order is going to be delivered in Kg’s, and the written recipes that are available in thailand, -written recipes are not a cultural norm- are usually using cups opposed to milliliters. We hope you will forgive us, and just jump right on this bandwagon with us!


Mexican casserole
"Mexican" Casserole
Awesomely easy, whilst maintaining it's status as family fav! This is a perfect starter recipe for...
photo coming
Almond olive chicken
Aussie Pie (beef)
"This crust is amazing mom, perfectly flaky!"- Elstana
Beef dip hottie
Beef dip hotties
Slow cooker staple! Succulent, tender beef, in a rich gravy.
bbq graphic
Beef hamburgers
Juicy, perfectly seasoned patties for your next bbq. Don't have a bbq? They are great under the br...
photo coming
Beef stew
Melt-in-your-mouth beef, in a rich, hearty stew. A slow-cooker staple served up with chewy oh-so-sa...
bowl of chicken dumplings
Chicken and Dumplings
Prepare yourselves for seconds, and possibly even thirds of this comfort-in a-bowl! Chewy, cornmeal...
Chicken Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas (white)
"Being from Texas, I've eaten a whole lot of Enchiladas in my day.  These were the best I've had ye...
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Parmesan
You don't need to wait for a restaurant, to enjoy this dish!
Crispy rice salad
Crispy rice salad (pork)
Editor's favorite! Crunchy, chewy, sink-your-teeth-in Crispy Rice Salad, starring lime and cilantro...
Fish Wraps
Many people are surprised when this unexpectedly becomes a favorite! (I certainly was.)
Hamburger Stroganoff
Perfect starter recipe for any new cook, or for when you are short on time, but still aim to please...
This is the perfect weekend dish! Have your housekeeper make it during the week, and freeze unbaked...
orange-chicken sauté
Orange sesame chicken sauté
Sautéed chicken in a lightly sweetened orange-garlic sauce.
Pesto chicken quinoa
This dish is always quickly devoured by my family, despite it's crazy-healthy status! It's perfect...
The perfect pizza, starts with the right crust!
Pulled pork
Perfect, easy recipe for a casual group dinner out on the patio!
close up of plate of spaghetti with salad and dinner roll
Spaghetti-meat sauce
Editor's personal childhood favorite, and a classic, all-round crowd pleaser.
a plate of gnocchi with spinach cream sauce
Spinach Gnocchi
Soft pillows of mini potato dumplings topped in a creamy spinach parmesan sauce with sun-dried tomat...
Swedish Meatballs
Ikea-shmeeya!  Now that we've recreated the legendary dish, we find we are a bit disappointed with...



Bean barley soup
Everyone needs a hearty bean soup in their repertoire right? This ones packed with flavor and genera...
piping hot bowl of beef barley soup on black cloth
Beef barley soup
Yes, we like our barley! Put it in soup, put it in salad...
Crispy rice salad
Crispy rice salad (pork)
Editor's favorite! Crunchy, chewy, sink-your-teeth-in Crispy Rice Salad, starring lime and cilantro...
Pesto chicken quinoa
This dish is always quickly devoured by my family, despite it's crazy-healthy status! It's perfect...
Quinoa black bean salad
This yummy recipe is under construction. Please check back soon!


~Treats & baked goods~

banoffee pie with chocolate gratings
Banoffee pie
Caramel. Chocolate. Banana. Whipped cream. On a biscuit crust. I think that says it all.
Black banana bread
I don't even wanna tell you that this chewy, sink-your-teeth-in, crazy delicious recipe... is gluten...
plate of brownies with mug of chai latté
Your search for the best brownie recipe ends here.  You can just go ahead and stop looking! Brownie...
caramel sauce being poured over carmelita base
Caramel sauce
Pinterest is snapping up the credit with this "recipe" [insert eye roll] as the latest and greatest...
Gooey caramel, on a chewy oat base you can sink your teeth into, with bits of chocolate....?  This...
a plate of granola bars
Granola bars
We can't keep enough of these on hand in our home! A low supply constitutes something of an emergenc...
bowl of mango crisp with scoop of ice cream
Mango Passion fruit crisp
So good, you're gonna wanna eat the leftovers for breakfast (well, theoretically, if there was any l...
pumpkin loaf
Pumpkin Bread
My kids LOVE getting their vegetables this way;) And this packs a wallop of vitamin C! Less sugar t...
Three Tarte Au Citron on a blue plate
Tarte au Citron/lemon Tart
Your dessert-life, may never be the same. The PERFECT balance of tart french lemon custard topped wi...



Christmas Nog
'Tis not yet the season until the music is tinkling in the background, and we have a glass of this c...
mason jars filled with iced tea and lemon slices
Iced lemon tea
Who knew that such a simple recipe could garner such praise? I'm always surprised when I make this...
two tumblers of Indian Marsala Chai tea
Marsala chai tea
This is the real-deal; authentic Indian Marsala "Chai" (tea).
two glasses of mulled wine
Winter's wine (mulled)
This is an Editor's family favorite during the "fall" and "winter" season, and one that is frequentl...
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